From the roots of a IT professional services Practice; Triggerfish is now focused on the design, installation and support of low voltage communications systems in hospitals, higher education and other commercial settings with sophisticated communications technology requirements. 


At Triggerfish, leadership, teamwork and integrity are paramount to the quality and success of our organization. High standards influence the way we serve our clients and support their projects. Triggerfish boasts a wealth of knowledge and expertise that keeps us on the leading edge of the Information Communications Technology industry. Our highly qualified team of designers, project managers and technicians insure each project is delivered to our clients’ specifications and standards.


BICSI Industry Certifications:

  • RCDD
  • Installer II
  • Technician

Manufacturer Certifications:

  • Siemon Certified Installer (CI)
  • Legrand Certified Installer Plus (CIP)
  • Panduit Certified Partner
  • Mohawk Accredited Contractor


What’s the deal with the name Triggerfish?

Our name comes from nautical navigation based on the stars. Some people groups of the South Pacific used the word Sumu (triggerfish) to describe what we often call the “Southern Cross.” This constellation has been used for millennia in the southern hemisphere to help people navigate unknown, uncharted seas, stay on course and arrive safely at their destination. That’s what we exist to do: help clients safely and expertly navigate through the complicated sea of today’s technology.