IT Staffing

Whether you need IT professionals for a specific project or to support the overall IT support function....our team can help!

Are you giving the IT function in your organization the staffing, resources and support it needs to be successful?

Our IT as a Service (ITaaS) offering is designed to make tools, processes and capabilities created to support the IT infrastructure, Clinical information system and workflows specifically for your organization. Triggerfish has been supporting the needs of healthcare organizations since 2002 and has evolved our offerings to align with the requirements of these types of organizations.

Triggerfish can support your organization related to your most important resource in supporting the IT infrastructure in your organization, your people.

  • Recruitment, selection, on-boarding of IT professionals.
  • Continuous staff development through mentoring and training of existing IT personnel
  • Succession planning, transitional staffing
  • Access to department of experienced IT professionals as needed.

Consider our team the IT department you wish you had without the overhead and headaches of managing this function.