Help Desk Guide

In an attempt to ensure that your experience with the Triggerfish Help Desk is as positive as possible we have assembled a guide that contains several relevant information items as well as frequently asked questions.

The Triggerfish Help Desk is staffed by two Triggerfish team members from 8am –5pm Monday – Friday.  Depending on call/request volume it may not always be possible  to engage a resource immediately.  In the event of an emergency please utilize the phone numbers provided below as there is always an analyst on-call in addition to the Help Desk.

Triggerfish utilizes incident prioritization procedures to ensure that our resources are as effectively deployed as possible to address the varying needs of our clients. Given that Triggerfish supports several clients at times there can be a greater demand for service than we have capacity to support. While this generally does not impact our ability to support critical client needs, it is something that we have to manage.

Operating Standards

Priority Assignment – All cases will be assigned a priority from Urgent to Low.

Urgent – Impact to a critical enterprise application(s); Affecting multiple users or sites; resulting in lost production or direct impact to patient care.  Requests assigned with urgent priority status shall be updated at least once every hour unless otherwise negotiated with the client or requestor, until a resolution is reached.

High – Impact to multiple users or sites; resulting in diminished productivity. Requests assigned with high priority shall be updated at least every four hours unless otherwise negotiated with the client or requestor, until a resolution is  reached.

Normal – Impact to individual user or site; No direct impact to productivity; workaround is available.  Requests assigned with normal priority status can be expected to be resolved and /or updated within 3 days, or as negotiated with the client, or requestor.

Low – Request that has no significant impact on users or site, or request or project that will require procurement and or planning.  Requests with a low priority, are not traditionally assigned a resolution time frame.  Updates will be noted as results become available or deemed necessary by the client.

Engaging Support

There are several ways in which you can engage support from our team which are described below:

Option 1: Chat using Instant Messaging, initiate remote assistance or submit a support ticket by launching your browser to

In many ways this is the most efficient means of engaging support in that you can begin working with a Triggerfish in close to real time while you continue to work, without having to stop and pick-up a phone or send an email and await a response.

Available from 8am – 5pm Monday through Friday,  excluding Holidays.

Recommended for Normal to High priority issues.


Option 2: Generate a support ticket by emailing

This email address is linked to the ticket management system used by Triggerfish to document, assign and prioritize work. By sending an email directly a ticket is automatically created. Additionally, you will receive a response as soon as the issue is assigned to an individual.

Available 24×7, although ticket review and assignment is limited to 8am-5pm Monday through Friday excluding Holidays.

Recommended for Normal to Low priority issues


Option 3: To speak with “live” person dial 816-676-0434 or 816-271-0193 (answering service)

This number is answered either directly by Triggerfish personnel, or by an outside answering service. The alternate number is made available in the event that the main number at Triggerfish is unavailable. Please listen to the options carefully as they do frequently change.

Available 24×7.

Recommended for High to Normal priority issues.

Help Desk Scope of Support

User Moves/Adds/Changes/Disconnects (MACD)

  • New User Setup Checklist


  • Troubleshoot, Set-up, Dentrix vs EHS


  • Troubleshooting
  • Add new supported printers in Windows, EHS & Dentrix

Password Resets

  • Active Directory, EHS, Dentrix, Voicemail, Gmail


  • Troubleshoot/isolate root cause.
  • Confirm uptime in Triggerfish Monitoring Environment (tMON)
  • Review NetFlow statistics (utilization)
  • Create ticket and assign to network team as appropriate


  • Collect information from end-user
  • Troubleshoot/isolate root cause
  • Open Triggerfish ticket and assign to appropriate resource.
  • Liason with EHS/Dentrix Support

Network Drive

  • Permissions, Troubleshooting, Drive Mapping

End User Device Support

  • Remote assistance, troubleshoot, isolate, resolve
  • Open Triggerfish ticket and assign to appropriate resource.

Productivity Software Support

  • Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Etc.


  • Support requests for MACDs
  • Collect information from end-user
  • Troubleshoot/isolate root cause
  • Open Triggerfish ticket and assign to appropriate resource.