Data and Network Security for Critical Access Hospitals & Federally Qualified Health Centers

At Triggerfish, we understand that you can’t afford to have any lapses in security when it comes to the transmission of PHI. That’s why we provide comprehensive security solutions and encryption techniques for all your sensitive data. With measures taken to safeguard PHI built into the infrastructure, you can finally stop worrying about compliance and focus on providing quality patient care.

With our security services, your healthcare facility receives an affordable, secure solution that will give you true peace of mind when it comes to HIPAA / HITECH compliance.

With security from Triggerfish that’s built with you in mind, you’ll get:

  • Intruder Detection – security from predators, hackers, and other online threats
  • Susceptibility Testing – we find the possible faults in your network and show you how to repair them
  • Anti-Virus and Spam Solutions – keep your practice safe from spyware, malware, and other viral threats
  • Secure User Entry Tools – for passwords, VPNs, and encrypted data
  • Government-Compliant Protection – total security solutions that meet HIPAA and HITECH mandated standards
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