Triggerfish supports our clients across the continuum of IT infrastructure models; from on-premise server rooms to datacenter co-location to private leased compute resources to public cloud computing we support where they are and help them move through this continuum as required to achieve the objectives of their business.

In addition to typical datacenter services Triggerfish has developed several offerings that are marketed as services leveraging our internal assets and capabilities including some of those described below:

Triggerfish Datacenter services include:

  • Colocation – 1RU through full cabinets
  • Leased Compute ResourcesĀ  – provision only the resources you need
  • Network Operations Center
    • Monitoring the health of your systems 24x7x365
    • Engineer notification in the event of a system critical network issue
    • Performance monitoring. Thresholds setup to identify low disk space, high CPU utilization, and other events indicative of a performance issue
    • Monitoring of data / tape backup logs
    • Application monitoring to identify potential application issues even if the server is up and running
  • Offsite Server Protection (Snapshots, Dedup Pools, and Recovery Sandboxes)
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service – We take your backups and recover them in our environm