When it is more than a "Job"...

At Triggerfish we are always looking for new talent that can expand our capabilities through capacity or competency. If you think that you could contribute to the value proposition we provide to our clients let us know! While we may not always be hiring we are ALWAYS recruiting for future Triggerfish team members, partnerships and professional relationships.

Below is a summary of the positions that make up our staffing model:

Help Desk

This is the most common entry point for individuals interested in joining the Triggerfish team. These positions contribute to “Tier 1” support to the the end-users of technology within our client organizations. Typical activities consist of PC and end-user device support, application support, staffing our unified communications Help Desk including phone, chat, email and remote assistance.


Technicians on the Triggerfish team typically have 1-2 years of experience supporting Triggerfish clients and are the individuals that we deploy into the field in support of our client requirements. Technicians are required to work more independently as they identify, diagnosis and resolve issues. In addition to the support activities contributed by Help Desk team members Technicians will also deploy new equipment and provide hands-on support in the field.

Systems Administrators

Administrators on the Triggerfish team are responsible for supporting and maintaining production servers, appliances and networks. Administrators typically have 3-5 years of experiencing working as a Administrator and/or maintain industry certifications relevant to their specific responsibilities.


Analysts on the Triggerfish team are responsible for supporting and maintaining specialized applications, business processes and functions. Analysts typically have completed undergraduate degrees and/or 5-7 years of experiencing working in their discipline and maintain industry certifications relevant to their specific responsibilities.


Engineers on the Triggerfish team are responsible for designing implementing and troubleshooting complex technology infrastructure including server virtualization, cloud computing, Voice over IP, carrier-class WAN connectivity, provisioning of telecommunications services and managing security implementations related to all of the infrastructure components listed above. Engineers will typically have completed an undergraduate degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or Computer Engineering, relevant industry certifications and 7-10 years of experience.

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager on the Triggerfish team supports the technical staff positions described above by ensuring their alignment with client needs and requirements while ensuring the financial viability of the IT Professional Services business model. The Operations Manager will typically have completed an undergraduate degree in Information Technology or Business Management and have 5-7 years of relevant work experience.

Practice Directors

Directors on the Triggerfish team lead specific Practices within the company that are aligned with services, offerings or business functions that require specific expertise and though leadership. Directors would typically have completed an advanced degree in their field, have 7-10 years of experience and considered a subject-matter-expert in their field.


Triggerfish benefits from a large percentage of new business acquisition resulting from referrals from existing clients. Triggerfish also maintains a commissioned sales program with a number of referral partners and individuals.

Administration & Governance

Administrative staff contribute to support back-office activities related to running a professional services firm. These back-office functions include finance, accounting, billing, marketing, human resources, benefits administration, staff development and training, risk and compliance and corporate governance. Some of these functions are assumed by dedicated staff, while others are assigned to individuals with other primary responsibilities and a couple are outsourced.

If you are interested in learning more about these positions or joining the Triggerfish team please fill out the following form and email your resume to