IT Governance

Experienced IT Consulting and Governance

Is your organization currently operating without an CIO?

You may not need a full-time Chief Information Officer (CIO), but rather someone to meet onan as-needed basis & help facilitate strategic initiatives between executives and the IT team. Typical entry-level engagements include an onsite meeting quarterly that includes planning & follow-up contributions.

Triggerfish has been assisting executive leadership teams in optimizing their IT/HIT and telecom infrastructure and services for over a decade and is very experienced in all facets of the tasking that the typical CIO becomes involved with.

Our Services include: 

  • Development and compliance testing of IT/HIPAA policies
  • Audits, Assessments, Compliance
  • Strategic and financial Planning (OPEX/CAPEX)
  • Budget development, oversight and re-balancing
  • Project Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • EMR Workflow optimization
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