Telecommunication Buying Group for Healthcare

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Telecommunication Buying Group for Healthcare

St. Joseph, Missouri – November 30, 2011 – Triggerfish announces strategic partnership with a telecommunications buying group.

Triggerfish has entered into a strategic partnership with careGEN Group, a member led buying group for telecommunication and bandwidth services. The buying group will maintain a significant focus in the healthcare sector, though will likely also provide related services to clients in other industry’s as well.

careGEN will operate as a member driven buying group or consortium. Its core business will be directing the procurement process for broadband and telecommunications services on behalf of our members. The business will be supported by membership fees, % of cost savings and consulting engagements with members and other clients.

This partnership is expected to leverage the strengths that Triggerfish has already developed in negotiating telecommunications contracts and services on behalf of our clients. Additionally, Triggerfish will provide management and staffing services for careGEN.

To support this initiative, Steve Ward will be joining the Triggerfish team effective January 1, 2012. Steve Ward brings over 20 years of experience in designing and building service provider networks and services. In addition Steve is the founder of the careGEN concept.

We are excited about the opportunities that this partnership will provide to Triggerfish in regards to growth and expansion of our core business as well as potentially new and unique business opportunities.

Triggerfish Corporation is a professional services firm focused on technology integration and support for Community Health Centers and other clients with moderate to complex information technology requirements.