What began in 2000 as a couple of professional IT guys moonlighting on some special projects, became by 2003 a full-time, full-service company offering IT-oriented professional services for clients in healthcare and other industries. Under the guidance of founder Justin Copeland, Triggerfish has developed a staff culture of people who love the constant change and rapid evolution of the tech industry, who truly embrace complex problems, and who take pride in excellence and integrity in our work and client relations. We do not strive to be bargain bin IT; instead, we strive to be an indispensable IT department that adds greater value to your bottom line.

With over 18 years of IT experience, our staff boasts a wealth of knowledge and expertise with a growing list of degrees and certifications that keep us on the leading edge of the IT industry.


Justin – BS, EMBA, RCDD, Mentee Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program. Justin demonstrates knowledge in the design, implementation, integration and project management of information technology, telecommunications and data communications technology and related infrastructure.

Derrick – GIAC Penetration Tester – GPEN

Ryan – Comp TIA A+, Cisco CCENT, Cisco CCNA R&S, Ubiquiti UEWA

Steven – Siemon CI

Jeremy– OSHA Constructions safety and health, Siemon CI

What’s the deal with the name Triggerfish?

Our name comes from nautical navigation based on the stars. Some people groups of the South Pacific used the word Sumu (triggerfish) to describe what we often call the “Southern Cross.” This constellation has been used for millennia in the southern hemisphere to help people navigate unknown, uncharted seas, stay on course and arrive safely at their destination. That’s what we exist to do: help clients safely and expertly navigate through the complicated sea of today’s technology.